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Advino Healthcare Family Health Cards

You can save upto Rs 25,000 by participating in Advino Healthcare membership program

You save upto Rs 10,000
Advino Gold Health card


  • Free routine blood investigations*
  • ( *Hb, CBC, RBS, Urine test – total 40 parameters )
  • One time free home BP & Glucose checkup
  • One time free online physician consultation
  • 15 % discount on all Lab test for lifetime
  • 5 % discount on home nursing services*
  • 10 % discount on medical equipment rental

Rs 500/-
You save upto Rs 25,000
Advino Platinum Health Card


  • Free Lab test – Complete Body Checkup package- 90 parameters
  • Free home ECG, BP & Glucose testing
  • Free one time online consultation with physician
  • One free visit of Physiotherapist
  • 20 % discount on Lab tests for lifetime
  • 10 % discount on home nursing services
  • 20 % discount on medical equipment rental

Rs 2000/-

Advino Healthcare

Gujarat’s largest & most trusted home healthcare company

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