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Home Nursing care

Home Nursing care

Home Nursing care

Advino’s highly trained and experienced nurses prpvide quality hospital like care at home. Advino’s highly trained staff works in close coordination with doctors and monitors your condition and progress regularly. We realize that each patient has unique needs and requires different type of care.

Services provided by Advino:-

IV medication, IV infusions
Catheterization, Catheter care
Ryle’s tube insertion, Ryle’s tube feeding
Wound care
Mobility assistance
Bedridden care
Hygiene care
Vitals monitoring
Medication assistance

Why us?

Qualified and experienced staff
Continuous training and retraining
Hospital like care at home
Cost effective compared to prolonged hospitalization
One on one attention and care by trained staff
Additional services like medication and blood sample collection
Shortens hospital stays due to availability of specialized services at home

Home Attendant Care

Many diseases prevent the patient from taking care of one’s self. Our highly trained medical attendants help you with day to day activities. Advino’s medical attendant staff has a substantial experience in imparting patient care. Our staff undergoes comprehensive training and periodic retraining on giving medical care.

Services provided by Advino: –

Using the restroom
Taking meals
Diaper care
Bed sore care
Feeding by ryle’s tube
Wound dressing

Why us?

Highly trained attendants
All our attendants have an experience of at least 2 years in providing patient care
Our staff undergoes a thorough background check and police clearance certificate to ensure your safety
We strive to establish long lasting relationships with you, so that you receive consistent care, specialized for your needs

Home critical care

Multiple trauma, brain haemorrhage, cancer may require long periods of hospitalization and critical care. Long duration critical care at the hospital can be very costly and makes patient susceptible to hospital acquired infections. With the advancements in technology, it is possible to impart critical care at home, at a lesser cost compared to hospitalization. Advino offers home ICU services, with doctor guided care, regular monitoring and skilled nursing staff

Services provided by Advino:-

Home ICU
Tracheostomy care
Multiple trauma care
Acute stroke care
Cancer care
Terminally ill cardiorespiratory patients care
Vegetative status of patient

Why us?

Decreased costs especially when critical care is required for longer periods
Low risk of nosocomial infections
24/7 clinical supervision
Faster recovery

Physical therapy

Physiotherapy is a health profession that helps patients recover from a lot of neurological, heart and lung diseases with the help of exercise therapy and other advanced treatment modalities. It forms a very important part of post acute care of many diseases. Physiotherapy is essential for recovery of stroke patients and enabling their return to normalcy. Advino provides qualified and trained physiotherapists to help you recover, in your comfortable surroundings, at your home

Services provided by Advino:-

Physical therapy
Stroke rehab
Muscle strengthening
Balance training
Gait training
Electronic nerve stimulation
Therapeutic ultrasound

Why us?

Increase in muscle strength
Improved coordination
Measurable outcomes
Better recovery

Medical device

Advino provides medical devices which help in regular monitoring of your condition or have therapeutic applications


Booking a lab test with Advino is easy and convenient. You can get your blood tests done from home, without having to visit the hospital or the laboratory. Our services include collection of blood samples by the phlebotomist and also delivery of reports


Stroke care needed varies from patient to patient and needs to be customized for each and every patient. Post acute care is essential for recovery of patients and return to normalcy. Advino provides trained and qualified medical staff to aid your recovery and ensure the best possible outcomes

Services provided by Advino: –

Activities of daily living
Physician monitoring
Speech therapy
Vocational therapy
Bed ridden care
Nutrition counselling

Why us?

Increased muscle strength
Improved balance training
Improved muscle strength
Vocational training
Better outcomes and lower costs

Orthopaedic care

Advino provides orthopaedic care for patients of trauma, fracture or post-surgery. We offer customized packages for patients who have undergone Hip replacement or Knee replacement. These conditions require continuous physiotherapy and rehabilitation after the surgery to restore functioning to normal. We provide comprehensive post operative care according to the doctor’s guidelines and ensure a speedy recovery

Services provided by Advino: –

Wound care
Weight bearing
Muscle strengthening
Gait and balance training

Why us?

Improved outcomes
Less post operative complication rates
Optimum range of motion

Cardiac care

Cardiac patients need comprehensive nursing care, and assistance with activities of daily living. Advanced cases with decreased heart functioning may need intensive cardiac monitoring. Certain cases of cardiac insufficiency may improve by chest physiotherapy. Advino provides a comprehensive package for treatment of cardiac conditions like congestive cardiac failure, post myocardial infarction care


Doctor home visits
Teleconsulting support
Dietician visit
Cardiac rehab
Patient mobilization
Co-morbidity management


Improved cardiac capacity
Improved lung capacity
Better control of comorbid conditions like diabetes and obesity
Prevent complications
Better life quality

Post operative care

Quality post operative care leads to better outcomes, less infections and lower failure rates. 60% of hospitalization duration can be decreased if we shift post operative care to a home care setting. Not only does it allow the patient to recover in comfortable surroundings but is also less costly. Advino provides qualified and trained nursing staff to aid you in your journey of recovery


Doctor home visits
Emergency support
Bed ridden care
Medical checkups
Patient progress evaluations
Comorbidity management


Better outcomes
Decrease in complication rates
Low post operative infection rates
Less need of repeat surgeries
Better life quality

Elderly care

The diseases of old age like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are slow in onset and progress. These diseases are widely prevalent and cause a lot of stress to the patients and the family members. Our trained medical attendants and nurses help the elderly patients with all the day to day activities, assist in mobility and are a constant source of companionship. We focus not only on the symptoms, but on the care and dignity of the patient


Physical therapy
Diet counselling
Activities of daily living
Patient mobility assistance
Physician visits


Assistance in daily activities
Better quality of life
Companionship and spiritual support

Cancer care

Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy require long periods of hospitalization and treatment. A lot of this care can be shifted into homecare settings which will lower the healthcare costs tremendously. The patients can be allowed to receive quality care, in comfortable surroundings. Our services include visits by oncologist, emergency care support and chemotherapy and radiotherapy complications management


Oncologist visit
Emergency medical support
Teleconsulting support
Chemotherapy and radiotherapy complications management


Decreased costs
Better management of chemotherapy and radiotherapy complications
Quality care leads to better outcomes

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